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Scam Alert! You Cannot Rent Bonus Weeks With Your Exchange Company

It’s P.S.A. time folks! KOALA’s mission is to empower timeshare owners. Part of that mission is to protect you against predatory scams that continue to victimize the timeshare owner community. Between the complexities of timeshare systems and onerous clubs rules, it’s no wonder owners are consistently faced with dilemmas around how to safely recoup cash […]

Mike Kennedy - Jan 24, 2024
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What Are Travelers Booking on KOALA?

The timeshare industry continues to grow, and that means mainstream travelers are becoming more aware of the benefits of staying in timeshares. As travelers seek affordable and high-quality vacation experiences, this directly translates into more bookings on KOALA. This year our bookings are up over 30% compared to 2022; a continued testimony to your support […]

Mike Kennedy - Nov 15, 2023
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Hilton Grand Vacations Continues Their Strategic Expansion with Bluegreen Vacations Acquisition

In a significant move to enhance its market presence, Hilton Grand Vacations Inc. has announced a definitive agreement to acquire Bluegreen Vacations. This all-cash transaction is valued at approximately $1.5 billion, inclusive of net debt, priced at $75 per share. The acquisition marks a milestone for Hilton Grand Vacations, promising to broaden its vacation ownership […]

Mike Kennedy - Nov 11, 2023

Timeshare Scams to Avoid (and How to Spot Them)

From empty promises of a luxury vacation to resale buyers who disappear, timeshare scams are a major financial misadventure, and an extensive challenge to the timeshare industry. Fear not: proven strategies, along with careful research, can keep you protected.

Laura Gohl - Aug 10, 2023
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The Dave Ramsey Timeshare Exit Team Debacle: Out of The Frying Pan Into The Fire

The timeshare industry is a complex and often contentious one, with countless stories of owners hoping to exit timeshares that no longer serve their needs. In recent years, a slew of companies who promised to assist with timeshare exits have emerged, but their practices have been increasingly scrutinized. One such company, Timeshare Exit Team, faced […]

Mike Kennedy - Jun 06, 2023
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Cognitive Biases and How They Can Hurt Timeshare Owners

Cognitive biases are common mental shortcuts that we all rely on to make quick decisions in our daily lives. However, certain biases like anchoring bias and confirmation bias can have harmful effects on timeshare owners. This summary of my original article from ResortTrades emphasizes the influence of these biases on timeshare resales, rentals, and how […]

Mike Kennedy - May 19, 2023
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Introducing 'Hot Deals' by KOALA

Vacation deals so hot they’re literally (ok, figuratively) on fire. 

Mike Kennedy - May 11, 2023
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Trust and Safety in Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces have become a go-to place for buying and selling goods and services. That said, they always face the initial challenge of establishing that trust and safety among its buyers and sellers. Here, we’ll discuss the significance of trust and safety in online marketplaces — like KOALA — and how adding a clear profile […]

Mike Kennedy - May 03, 2023
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The Top 5 Booking Trends of Summer 2023: What They Mean for Timeshare Owners

Now that the world has mostly emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic and as summer approaches, travel is on everyone’s to-do list. This year, travelers are expected to seek out destinations and experiences that will allow them to reconnect with the world while traveling far, wide and often. As a timeshare owner, it’s important to understand […]

Mike Kennedy - Apr 28, 2023
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Boost Your Bookings: Why Sharing Your KOALA Listings on Social Media is a Must

Are you a timeshare owner looking to rent out your property to vacationers? If so, you might be wondering how to get your rental listings in front of as many potential renters as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by sharing your KOALA listings on social media platforms like Facebook and […]

Laura Gohl - Apr 18, 2023
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7 Steps To Avoid Timeshare Exit Scams

Timeshare exit scams are common. Being informed is the best way to protect yourself.

Mike Kennedy - Feb 10, 2023

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