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Koala vs RedWeek: See How We Compare

How will KOALA attract more bookings than RedWeek? It’s simple: secure payments, easy bookings, and verified listings. 

Gemma Lolos - Jul 31, 2020

KOALA Is RedWeek 2.0

RedWeek can be a helpful option for some timeshare owners, but many struggle with upfront listing fees, insecure payout methods, and limited support. Meanwhile, millions of potential guests will never see your timeshare on RedWeek for 2 key reasons:   

1. They won’t pay upfront fees to see your listing.                                                                    2. They won’t use insecure payment methods.

We’re here to change that. KOALA is transforming timeshare rental with seamless uploads, secure payments, and consistent support from (yes!) real people.

Get Rented

Unlike RedWeek, we don’t charge you money to list or verify your timeshare, and we secure payments so the traveler feels confident when booking. Secure booking means more renters will see (and book!) your listing. 

How KOALA Compares to RedWeek:

“Travelers using RedWeek are also asked to pay timeshare owners directly via either checks or through PayPal at the time they are booking, and the charges are nonrefundable. Though it’s hardly rocket science, KOALA…secures every transaction through Stripe and that it also only pays the host once someone has checked in to ensure the renter is getting what they booked.”                                                                                      TechCrunch

KOALA: We Hear You

We founded KOALA with 3 simple goals: 

1. Make listing your timeshare easy (and free) – listing a vacation should feel like a vacation.                                                                                                                                          2. Make your listing available to all travelers – not just those who know to look for timeshares.                                                                                                                                   3. Support you with outstanding customer service – if you have a question, you deserve a timely response from a real person.

When reviewing RedWeek’s services, many owners are surprised to learn they’ll pay upfront fees even if their timeshare isn’t booked. On KOALA, it’s 100% free to list your timeshare. Our commission applies to successful bookings only.

KOALA also makes it easier for travelers to see and book your timeshare. Unlike RedWeek, travelers can view and book your listing without paying any upfront membership fees. This means your timeshare listing is visible to all travelers. Better still, KOALA secures both parties, meaning you can say goodbye to complicated and insecure transactions.

We understand that the timeshare rental market can be difficult to navigate. That’s why our customer service team is standing by to support you in renting your timeshare. You can reach a KOALA team member by emailing hello@go-koala.com or call us (we’d love to hear from you!) at (833) KOALA-CO (833-562-5226).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose KOALA over RedWeek?

  • Free Listings: We only get paid if your timeshare gets booked.
  • Easy uploads: List your timeshare quickly and easily.
  • Secure Payments: No more paper checks!
  • More bookings: Travelers don’t have to pay to see your listing.

How Does Listing on KOALA Compare to Listing on RedWeek?

Listing on KOALA is how it should be – simple. To list your timeshare rental, visit our hosting page and list in 3 easy steps:

  • Your Resort & Unit Type
  • Your Reservation # & Dates
  • Your Price

As soon as we verify your reservation, your listing goes live on KOALA!

 What Do KOALA’s Secure Payments Mean for Owners?

Secure payments mean you get paid hassle-free. No more receiving paper checks or waiting on payments from strangers. 24 hours after your guest checks in, you get paid.

KOALA has partnered with Stripe, the industry leader for secure online payments.

I Listed My Timeshare on RedWeek, but It Didn’t Get Booked. What Makes KOALA Different?

Let’s face the facts: Modern travelers will almost never pay upfront fees to simply see vacation rentals. Moreover, the vast majority expect secure online payments when booking. That’s why KOALA charges zero upfront fees to travelers, meaning your listing is available for booking to all travelers – not just those who know how to navigate timeshare 1.0.

I’ve Heard of RedWeek, but KOALA Is a New Name to Me. Where Can I Learn More?

KOALA is changing the timeshare rental game with transparency, technology, and trust – and the world is taking notice:

Even Amid the Pandemic, This Newly Funded Travel Startup Is Tackling the Stodgy Timeshare Market

“The world is rife with me-too startups, which makes it all the more refreshing when a founder comes along that manages to find a broken market that’s hiding in plain sight. That’s what Mike Kennedy appears to be doing with KOALA, a young outfit determined to update the stodgy world of property time-share management.”                                               TechCrunch

New Twists on Home-Sharing: 4 Airbnb Alternatives

“Koala is positioned as a generational transfer, from an owner…to a younger traveler, particularly millennial families looking for multiple bedrooms and residential amenities like kitchens and laundry appliances.”                                                                                                –The New York Times

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