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Our New “Suggested Listing” Search Gets Your Listing Noticed

You asked, we listened! KOALA’s updated “suggested listing” search feature suggests listings whose check-in falls near a traveler’s selected date range and location. What does that mean for you? It’s simple: your listing is more likely to get booked.

Gemma Lolos - Apr 02, 2021
Listing Owners

March Update: What Are Travelers Booking on KOALA?

Summer and Fall vacations are in style. Multiple-bedroom suites at affordable prices are flying off the (figurative) shelves.

Gemma Lolos - Mar 18, 2021
Listing Owners Timeshare News

What Wyndham’s Guest Policy Changes Mean for You

Yesterday, all Club Wyndham owners received a notice altering their guest certificate ability for all reservations that fall within certain peak seasons and holidays at specific resorts.

Mike Kennedy - Mar 16, 2021
Owners Timeshare News

Hilton Grand Vacations to Buy Diamond Resorts in Landmark Timeshare Acquisition.

In yet another major timeshare industry move, HGVC will buy Diamond Resorts for $1.4 billion.

Gemma Lolos - Mar 10, 2021
Listing Owners Travel

What Are Travelers Booking on KOALA?

With spring steadily approaching, travelers await renewed travel rhythms in a post-COVID world.

Jessie Gilmartin - Feb 25, 2021
Owners Timeshare News

We’ve Joined ARDA. Here’s Why It Matters To You.

Mike Kennedy, our Cofounder and CEO, on KOALA’s new partnership with ARDA and why it matters to you, our owner community.

Mike Kennedy - Feb 25, 2021
Listing Owners Timeshare News

The Secret to Creating a Successful Listing on KOALA

Ever wonder if there is a secret to creating a highly bookable listing on KOALA? Well, we’ve rounded it down to 3 major items: Where and When, Pricing, and Cancellation Policies.

Gemma Lolos - Feb 25, 2021
Owners Travel

Why Do Disney Points Maintain Their Resale Value?

Resale value: it’s the elephant in the room for many considering a timeshare purchase. It’s easy to see ownership’s advantages compared to booking similarly expansive accommodations through Expedia (or, for that matter, Airbnb). But when it comes to resale, many owners rightly worry their timeshare will make like a new car and lose the bulk […]

Sam Clegg - Jan 28, 2021
Listing Owners Travel

What Makes Club Wyndham’s Bonnet Creek KOALA’s #1 Resort?

With a sunny locale, next-door access to Disney World, and amenities to match, Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort takes the coveted title of most-booked resort on KOALA.

Jessie Gilmartin - Jan 05, 2021
Listing Owners Travel

January Update: What Are Travelers Booking on KOALA?

It’s a new year, which means renewed hope for safer travel in a post-COVID-19 world. Check out our January bookings insights update for the scoop on how to create listings best positioned to appeal to families planning their 2021 getaway.

Gemma Lolos - Jan 05, 2021
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