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Timeshare Needs to Rediscover Product-Market Fit

KOALA Cofounder Mike Kennedy on how timeshare lost product-market fit (and what to do about it)

Mike Kennedy - Jun 26, 2020
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Returning Travelers Value Safety and Affordability

As travel picks up, what key factors are travelers taking into account when planning their next vacation?

Sam Clegg - Jun 19, 2020
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What's Your Timeshare Brand Doing About COVID-19?

How are timeshare brands meeting timeshare owners’ shifting needs amid a global health crisis? And what more can be done?

Gemma Lolos - May 27, 2020
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Mike Kennedy on how KOALA is Changing Timeshare for the Better

Mike Kennedy has a vision for a timeshare company that actually puts owners first. Here’s the inside story

Sam Clegg - Mar 25, 2020
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