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Introducing ‘Hot Deals’ by KOALA

Vacation deals so hot they’re literally (ok, figuratively) on fire. 

Mike Kennedy - May 11, 2023

You can already find a ton of value when booking a vacation on KOALA. That said, the individuality of each timeshare rental can sometimes make it hard to spot the absolute best deals. Or, maybe you’re just not sure where you’d like to go and you’ll let the affordability influence your next stay. Either way, Hot Deals by KOALA has you covered. It’s your first resort (pun intended?) for vacation inspo. It puts the best deals listings front and center in an easy-to-sort page. You can filter by our newest listings or by the best price. 

This new-and-improved section of the website is dedicated to showcasing the best priced deals on KOALA. That’s right folks, it’s called ‘Hot Deals’ for a reason; but also because Vacation Inspo for Deal-Hunting Savvy Vacationers But Also For Anyone Who Just Wants to Travel More and Spend Less didn’t quite have the same ring to it.

What you can expect to find: 

  1. Curated vacation deals, updated each day. 
  2. Exclusive one-off stays that you cannot find anywhere else.
  3. Easy filters to sort by “Newest” deals, or by price. 
  4. Difference between our price and retail
  5. Vacation inspo!
  6. Perfect for the price-led, deal-seeking, savvy travelers. 

Timeshare owners: If you’d like to be featured in Hot Deals, here’s what we look for:

  1. Competitive price: First and foremost, a price considerably lower than retail is desired (and required!) for a Hot Deals placement. Price is the most important variable always when listing – and the better priced it is, the more likely it will make the cut. 
  2. Popular destination: depending on the season, we look for listings in locations where we are seeing demand compression and have seasonal spurts. 
  3. A listing at a Top 21® Resort: Our list of KOALA’s most popular timeshare resorts is a good barometer for what vacationers are loving on KOALA – and where they are going most. 

Featured Deals vs. Hot Deals

You may be wondering, “what’s the difference between Featured Deals and Hot Deals?”. Featured Deals is a sponsored placement for our VIP Members’ listings while Hot Deals can only be selected by our team and based on the criteria above. If you think your listing has what it takes to be a Hot Deal email us. Tell us why you think it’s a good fit and make sure to include the retail link for the same (or similar) room if it’s available on popular travel sites. 

Subscribe to Hot Deals!

Quick note: you’ll need to subscribe to our ‘Daily Deals’ Newsletter to access the Hot Deals page. But don’t fret – it’s totally FREE and If you’re already a member of KOALA (vacationer, timeshare owner or both!) and signed up to receive newsletters – then you’re all set. Simply log-in and you’re good to go!



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