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Supercharge Your Timeshare with VIP Memberships!

Annual memberships offering enhanced benefits such as a KOALA Concierge – a premium, full service rental program, Hub access – to fulfill live bookings, Supercharged Listings and more!

Mike Kennedy - Jun 08, 2023
Owners Product Updates Timeshare News

Cognitive Biases and How They Can Hurt Timeshare Owners

Cognitive biases are common mental shortcuts that we all rely on to make quick decisions in our daily lives. However, certain biases like anchoring bias and confirmation bias can have harmful effects on timeshare owners. This summary of my original article from ResortTrades emphasizes the influence of these biases on timeshare resales, rentals, and how […]

Mike Kennedy - May 19, 2023
Listing Owners Product Updates

Introducing KOALA’s New & Improved Search Feature

Our latest improvements will make it easier for vacationers to find and book your listings.

Laura Gohl - May 12, 2022
Listing Owners Product Updates

Our New Payment Updates Help Travelers Book Your Listings Faster

Introducing a few new features aimed at helping your listings get booked faster!

Mike Kennedy - Mar 09, 2022
Owners Product Updates

Our New “Suggested Listing” Search Gets Your Listing Noticed

You asked, we listened! KOALA’s updated “suggested listing” search feature suggests listings whose check-in falls near a traveler’s selected date range and location. What does that mean for you? It’s simple: your listing is more likely to get booked.

Laura Gohl - Apr 02, 2021
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Open Destination Search Makes it Easy for Travelers to Book Your Listing

Announcing Open Destination Search! Yesterday, we unveiled a new feature allowing travelers to enter any destination when searching for timeshare accommodations. Learn why that means more eyes on your listings.

Laura Gohl - Jan 28, 2021
Listing Owners Product Updates

Attract More Guests - and Protect Your Reservation - With KOALA’s Updated Cancellation Policies

With our new cancellation tiers, you can now offer more flexibility than ever to your guests, all while protecting your reservation. Read on for our freshly updated cancellation policy, plus key details on how the various tiers can work specifically with your resort or brand’s points program as well. 

Laura Gohl - Nov 25, 2020
Listing Owners Product Updates

It's Now Easier Than Ever to Find Your Resort on KOALA

Introducing resort search, which enables your potential guests to easily locate (and book) your listing at a resort they’ll love.

Laura Gohl - Sep 29, 2020

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