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Attract More Guests – and Protect Your Reservation – With KOALA’s Updated Cancellation Policies

With our new cancellation tiers, you can now offer more flexibility than ever to your guests, all while protecting your reservation. Read on for our freshly updated cancellation policy, plus key details on how the various tiers can work specifically with your resort or brand’s points program as well. 

Sam Clegg - Nov 25, 2020

Choosing Your Cancellation Policy

Here’s a quick overview of our updated cancellation policies:

  • Flexible: Our flexible option allows guests to receive a full refund if they cancel 72 hours prior to check-in. Our research indicates guests are up to 3 times more likely to book a listing with a flexible cancellation policy. Moreover, our most used search filter is for flexible cancellations!
  • Relaxed (Great for Wyndham Owners): You asked, we listened! Wyndham owners have a 14-day cancellation window on reservations. To that end, many Wyndham owners have been requesting a Wyndham-friendly cancellation policy. With our new relaxed policy, guests can cancel 16 days prior to check-in for a full refund – empowering you to protect your Wyndham reservation while making your listing more appealing to potential guests. 
  • Moderate (Great for Hilton Owners): Our new moderate option offers a full refund if they cancel 32 days prior to check-in. Hilton owners can keep their points if cancelling 31 days prior to check-in, so if you own points with Hilton, this may be a perfect match. (Note: you may still lose your reservation fees, so check with your resort).
  • Firm (Great for Marriott Owners): Listings with a firm cancellation policy come with a full refund for guests cancelling 62 days prior to check-in. This is a slight increase from our original moderate tier, offering you one extra day to cancel.
    • Please note: for bookings that occurred prior to this policy update, the cancellation policy in effect at the time of booking will be honored.
  • Strict: Our strict policy is pretty straightforward. These bookings are non-refundable. Guests can still request to cancel, but the decision to offer a refund is up to you.

Plan Ahead: Consider Your Resort’s Cancellation Policy

When deciding on a cancellation for your listing, be sure to check in with your resort’s cancellation policy, too. Depending on your resort, you may be able to preserve your points as long as your reservation is cancelled by a certain date. However, some resort policies state that you will incrementally lose points the closer you get to your booking date.

Another important note: while our team will notify you if your guest cancels, you will still need to cancel your own reservation. Being aware of your resort’s specific cancellation policy will help ensure you keep your points intact for your next booking. 

Need any additional assistance? Contact our customer success team at 1-833-KOALA-CO.

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