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Supercharge Your Timeshare with VIP Memberships!

Annual memberships offering enhanced benefits such as a KOALA Concierge – a premium, full service rental program, Hub access – to fulfill live bookings, Supercharged Listings and more!

Mike Kennedy - Jun 08, 2023

We are thrilled to (officially) announce the launch of our VIP Membership program. This program is designed to offer timeshare owners more personalized assistance in their timeshare portfolio, with elevated perks, enhanced profiles, featured listings and more. 

3 Paid VIP Tiers 

The memberships will feature 3 paid tiers for timeshare owners: Gold VIP at $199 per year, Platinum VIP at $399 per year and KOALA PRO. The latter is custom tailored to enterprise businesses, professionals and owners with large quantities of inventory. KOALA Pro is by invitation only. 

Prefer No Upfront Fees?

KOALA will still offer a no-upfront-fees option – but even that will be getting an upgrade. “KOALA Silver” is free to join & free to list! This free tier will also be improved and will provide even more features like “Suggested Listings” and soon –  proprietary pricing tools to help beginners find success with rentals. As CEO Mike Kennedy explains: “We are enhancing the experience at every tier, including members that still want to list for free. We encourage owners who feel confident in their experience to continue leveraging the free version of the platform. This commitment to consistently creating better products and more value wherever we can is our unwavering mission and promise to timeshare owners.”

Mike continues: “DIY rentals with no-upfront-fees work perfectly for many of our members, but what we found is that some timeshare owners require far more assistance to get bookings – or they just don’t want their timeshare to feel like a second job. That led us to understand that these timeshare owners are at very different stages of their ownership cycle. As a result, it pushed us to rethink our approach. These memberships enable our team to provide individualized services and products for timeshare owners in a way that fits their needs – and ours as a business.” 

KOALA VIP Memberships At a Glance

SILVER: Free To Join/Free To List

  • List [All you Want] For Free.
  • We only get paid if you do.
  • All bookings & payments are protected.
  • Technical Support and real people to help.  

GOLD VIP: $199 per year

  • Hub Access: a new innovation for timeshare owners with points
  • Supercharged Listings:  featured, verified and boosted with an extra dose of marketing to 3X your chance of getting booked (up to 5 p/yr)
  • Gold VIP Profile Badge
  • Verified “Green Check”

PLATINUM VIP: $399 per year

  • KOALA Concierge: Our full service rental management program
  • Platinum Supercharged Listings:  featured, verified and boosted with an extra dose of marketing to 3X your chance of getting booked (up to 10 p/yr)
  • VIP Hotline: private 1800 # for Platinum VIP Members only
  • Platinum VIP Profile Badge 
  • Verified “Green Check”

KOALA PRO: By Invite Only

  • Partnership Integrations
  • Upgraded Dashboard 
  • Insights and Analytics 
  • Proprietary Calendar Management
  • Bulk Inventory Upload or API connection (where applicable) 
  • Business or Brand Profile Page

Want to learn more?  Speak to A Membership Specialist

*for approved brands and members only. Additional terms apply.  


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