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Your Guide to Club Wyndham’s New Guest Rules

Are you a Club Wyndham owner? Here’s everything you need to know about the recent changes in how guest confirmations work.

Laura Gohl - Jan 27, 2022
Fees Listing Owners Timeshare News

Why KOALA Collects a Commission on Successful Bookings

Does our commission feel too high for you? Here’s why we charge it. 

Mike Kennedy - Aug 24, 2021
Fees Owners Timeshare News

How Maintenance Fee Increases Changed (or Stayed the Same) in 2020

As the new year arrives, odds are your maintenance bill deadline is en route, too. Read on for info on fees and club dues, plus inside info on how the major brands are changing (or not changing) their fees in a year unlike any other.

Laura Gohl - Dec 08, 2020

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