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Why KOALA Collects a Commission on Successful Bookings

Does our commission feel too high for you? Here’s why we charge it. 

Mike Kennedy - Aug 24, 2021

We founded KOALA with a clear and concise purpose: to put owners first. KOALA provides timeshare owners with new options and more transparency. 

During my time with Hilton Grand Vacations, I was dismayed by the obstacles owners faced when trying to divest from their timeshare, and by the overall lack of simplicity and transparency in the secondary market. I was confused at how someone who purchased a $50,000 timeshare on Billionaire’s Row in Manhattan could have trouble selling it, or even renting it. (Did they even know they could rent it!?) 

I also heard stories time and again about how owners were convinced to pay upfront fees to companies that promised rental income or cash from a resale but yielded zero results. The timeshare companies are naturally more focused on their primary business model of selling new prospects than on helping owners sell or rent. So, between that and having to navigate a minefield of secondary-market fraud, it’s still not easy (or cheap) to divest from a timeshare — unless you’re willing to give it back… and lose the entire purchase price.

I felt strongly that there had to be a better way.

We had the intention to do things differently from the start. That meant we were going to challenge the status quo. The first (and most obvious): create a secure rental platform that simplifies the process, provides liquidity and new optionality for owners, and protects both sides of the transaction. That last part is important.

We launched our list-it-yourself service with no upfront fees and an 8% commission, which we only charge after a successful rental. We’ve received some early feedback from some owners that 8% seems expensive. Here’s why we feel it’s fair:

  • Listing Is Free.

    Since we don’t collect any money upfront, we don’t get paid unless you do. That means we have to work harder to get you results. We shoulder all the costs — marketing and advertising; designing and maintaining a modern, intuitive site; providing live, 24/7 customer support — before anything gets rented.

  • We’re Full-Service.

    Unlike other peer-to-peer rental sites, we handle almost all of the legwork so you don’t have to. That includes assisting owners with their listings, handling payments, communicating with guests, managing check-ins, and mediating any disputes. It’s all part of your free listing. We do it all to make your life easier. Besides, you’ve got better things to do, right? 

  • We Protect You.

    Did you know that you can be responsible if something bad happens to your timeshare, even if you’re not the one staying in it? All of our timeshare owners are protected against personal liability and damages to the unit with $1 million in free Host insurance, each and every time you list. We do it automatically and we don’t charge for it. 

Needless to say, we do a lot of work to ensure that things go smoothly for you and your guest. That’s because timeshare rentals are hard, so we want to make it easy — and make sure that, no matter what, you’ve got peace of mind. 

Still not convinced? Hear it from a real KOALA Host: “KOALA is really easy to list and rent my week, I even made some mistakes with the upload and your system found those mistakes — which shows a lot of integrity. You guys have done all this work for me and haven’t charged me a penny!”  – John Raymond, Owner & Principal at Resort Reseller.

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