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Why KOALA Collects a Commission on Successful Bookings

Does our commission feel too high for you? Here’s why we charge it. 

Mike Kennedy - Aug 24, 2021
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August Update: What Are Travelers Booking on KOALA?

Here are the key insights for holiday travel and 2022 – plus a closer look at HGV, Vistana, and Holiday Inn.

Jessie Gilmartin - Aug 05, 2021
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June Update: What Are Travelers Booking on KOALA?

Travelers are looking to timeshare rentals like yours for insider access to the most sought after destinations. In this update we explore how you can leverage your brand’s ownership to take advantage of the summer surge.

Gemma Lolos - Jun 24, 2021
Listing Owners Timeshare News

May Update: What Are Travelers Booking on KOALA?

Check out our latest bookings update for the month of May – and learn how to create listings travelers will love.

Gemma Lolos - Jun 01, 2021
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