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August Update: What Are Travelers Booking on KOALA?

Here are the key insights for holiday travel and 2022 – plus a closer look at HGV, Vistana, and Holiday Inn.

Laura Gohl - Aug 05, 2021

Though the US has reached some major vaccination milestones, there’s still a long road ahead. Hosts are seeing a significant uptick in 2022 bookings, and it’s clear that travelers are making booking decisions based on seasonal windows and regions that offer the possibility of safer travel landscapes. As a timeshare owner, here’s what that means for you (and your listings on KOALA).

For July bookings, resorts in Hawaii and NYC were increasingly popular. Both of these destinations have implemented strict protocols to keep travelers and local businesses safe. And high vaccination rates + health-focused mandates = peace of mind.

Travel Supported by Data

We’ve created the COVID tracker to be a resource for both you and our travel community. If you haven’t checked it out yet, the tracker provides important data for the counties of each resort, and can be found integrated into each resort’s page. Connect with our COVID tracker to plan a highly bookable listing. 

Also, remember that choosing a flexible cancellation policy can provide great value to your potential renters. Now, let’s dive into the numbers a bit.

KOALA Seasonal and Suite Insights

Over half of our recent bookings are for fall and winter, and nearly 20% are for spring and summer of 2022. As a timeshare traveler, you’re probably used to booking your trips far in advance. Hint: travelers are thinking the same way! Consider locking in a holiday or 2022 booking now, before a dream destination gets scooped up. 

Two-bedroom suites are by far our most popular suite rental, encompassing 51% of all bookings. The average price per night for these units is $207/night.

Pro tip: Along with the aforementioned travel data, when creating your listing, think of resort amenities that can make a trip memorable. For example, a family traveling in January or February might dig a resort with fire pits, an indoor pool, and a destination close to in-demand winter activities (think ski lifts or a warm beach).

Finally, a quick look at booking data for HGV, Westin/Vistana, and Holiday Inn

Hilton Grand Vacations: July’s data shows an average booking price of $255/night for HGV. Bookings reveal interest in the seaside Ocean Enclave Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC, as well as the West 57th Street by Hilton Club in NYC. Ocean Enclave offers a seaside locale and great amenities for families, while the West 57th Street serves up sleek decor and floor-to-ceiling windows with sweeping city views.

Westin/Vistana: Westin/Vistana bookings average $512/night, with Hawaii’s Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Villas and Nanea Ocean Villas the most sought-after resorts. Though this is a significantly higher rental price than most of the other brands on our marketplace, pricing competitively can offer a major advantage (remember, the more wallet-friendly your listing, the higher chance of it getting booked!)

Holiday Inn: Holiday Inn resorts average $233/night. Top resorts include the South Beach Resort – which is actually in Myrtle Beach – and the Orange Lake Resort in Kissimmee, FL. Kissimmee as the top Central Florida pick is significant, as it reflects travel values for late 2021 and early 2022. Located about a half hour from downtown Orlando, the Orange Lake Resort can offer quieter vibes for families seeking sunshine without as much congestion and crowds.

Stay tuned for our next monthly update, where we’ll cover even more brands!

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