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June Update: What Are Travelers Booking on KOALA?

Travelers are looking to timeshare rentals like yours for insider access to the most sought after destinations. In this update we explore how you can leverage your brand’s ownership to take advantage of the summer surge.

Laura Gohl - Jun 24, 2021

KOALA hosts have seen a tremendous spike in bookings and requests this past month…but what’s leading the charge? And what’s the breakdown by brand? Let’s explore how hosts at some of our most-booked brands (and legacy resorts) create irresistible listings.

Marriott Vacation Club: Hilton Head is the most-booked destination for KOALA’s Marriott hosts, with 40% of May’s Marriott bookings at Marriott’s SurfWatch or Marriott’s Grande Ocean. The average price per night of May’s Marriott bookings came in at $377 (a good bit higher than KOALA’s average per night price of $200). What explains the gap? Successful Marriott hosts offered prime booking periods – for example, Summer break in St. Thomas or Thanksgiving in Breckenridge.

Club Wyndham: Perennial favorite Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek continued to shine for KOALA’s travelers, but Nashville, Williamsburg, Myrtle Beach, and Branson, MO proved increasingly popular (while offering a little less competition than Bonnet Creek). Not sure where to list? Our new Request Hub delivers bookings and guaranteed payouts directly to you!

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Bluegreen Vacation Club: driveable and off-the beaten path destinations proved best-sellers for our Bluegreen hosts, including The Mountain Run at Boyne (Michigan) and The Hammocks at Marathon. Shore Crest Vacation Villas (Myrtle Beach) was also popular. Bluegreen bookings on KOALA came in at a highly competitive $206 per night — especially given that most successful Bluegreen bookings were timed around key holidays, such as Thanksgiving.

What if I own at a Legacy Resort?

We’ve got data for you, too! Our most successful legacy resort owners know that it’s essential to compete on price, especially if you own floating or fixed-week ownership and want to appeal to travelers who may be accustomed to flexible booking windows. Our legacy owners saw an average price of $146 per night, showing that competitive pricing is a solid bet to increase your bookings!

Own with another brand? Stay tuned for next month’s update, where we’ll feature Hilton, Vistana, and Holiday Inn.

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