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Owners Ask: Can I List My Floating Weeks? What about Points?

If you own points or a floating week timeshare, can you still list on KOALA? The answer is…yes! Read more to learn how Reserved Time makes timeshare rental seamless and secure, which means more bookings for you.

Jessie Gilmartin - Aug 18, 2020
Listing Owners

Owners Ask: How Do I Price My Listing to Rent?

Guests have more options than ever for booking their next vacation. How can you price your KOALA listing to outpace the competition?

Sam Clegg - Aug 11, 2020
Listing Owners

Owners Ask: How Am I Protected if Something Goes Wrong?

Did you know that you’re still responsible if someone else is staying in your timeshare? Paying fees for an unused timeshare can already be stressful. That’s why KOALA is the FIRST and ONLY timeshare rental platform that protects you with $1M of host insurance. Because listing and renting your unused timeshare should be easy peasy, […]

Sam Clegg - Jul 28, 2020
Listing Owners

Choose Your Cancellation Policy on KOALA

Flexibility First: Appeal to Summer Travelers with Flexible Cancellation Policies

Jessie Gilmartin - Jul 03, 2020
Listing Owners

You’ve Listed Your Timeshare Rental on KOALA. Here's What's Next

Take Your Timeshare Rental to the Next Level with these 3 Pro Tips

Sam Clegg - Mar 25, 2020
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