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Owners Ask: How Am I Protected if My Timeshare Is Damaged?

Quickly and easily listing your timeshare rental should be a relief – not a reason to worry about who’s responsible in the case of damages to your unit. That’s why KOALA is the first and only timeshare rental platform that protects you with $1M of host insurance.

Sam Clegg - Jul 28, 2020

Congratulations – you’ve listed your timeshare on KOALA! You’ve chosen a competitive price for your listing and set a cancellation policy with undeniable booking potential. You’re all set for your listing to get booked. But what happens if your potential guests cause damages to your unit? Unfortunately, timeshare resorts can hold you accountable for these damages as you’re the owner.  

Fortunately there’s a simple answer—KOALA’s got you covered! With $1M of host insurance, you can rest easy knowing you’re protected in the event of damages to your unit.

How Do I Purchase Host Insurance on KOALA? I Don’t See A Link.

Not to worry! Every listing on KOALA is covered by our host insurance FOR  FREE. Yes, free! As in: no upfront fees, no hidden fees, no fees…period. The minute you list your timeshare on KOALA, you’re protected. 

To learn more about how KOALA is making it easier than ever to rent your timeshare, reach out to us at hello@go-koala.com. Or, if you’re ready to get started on your free listing, simply click below:

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