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Owners Ask: Can I List My Floating Weeks? What about Points?

If you own points or a floating week timeshare, can you still list on KOALA? The answer is…yes! Read more to learn how Reserved Time makes timeshare rental seamless and secure, which means more bookings for you.

Jessie Gilmartin - Aug 18, 2020

As vacation ownership has evolved, floating weeks and points have become increasingly popular. After all, flexible dates and destinations can be a major advantage for owners who are able to search and book availabilities on the spot. For the time being, however, KOALA asks that you create a specific reservation for specific dates at a specific resort prior to listing on KOALA. We refer to these reservations as Reserved Time.

How Does Reserved Time Increase My Booking Potential?

In theory, it may seem great to just provide an open calendar for bookings, and let travelers decide on the details themselves. Travelers, however, prefer the details of their trip to be confirmed the instant they click “book.” 

A 2017 study found that 88% of US adults said they would prefer to book their hotel accommodations online. With Reserved Time, travelers can easily rent your listing on KOALA just as they would a hotel room on sites like Booking.com or Expedia. Knowing that every listing is verified, and that the dates are confirmed, allows travelers to vacation with confidence, which means more bookings for you!

How Do I Get Started?

Once your resort confirms that it allows 3rd party rentals, your next step is to secure a reservation.

So, what type of trip should you book? Think like a traveler. The location and amenities may be appealing to a potential renter, but the dates of the trip need to make sense, too. Is the reservation during a window of time when families can travel? Does the season align with the resort’s surrounding activities? Is your price set to compete?

Reserved Time makes it easier than ever for potential guests to book your timeshare. Travelers know exactly what they’re booking, while KOALA supports you with secure verifications, bookings, and payments.

If you have questions about using your points or floating week to maximize your booking potential, simply reach out to our team by emailing us at hello@go-koala.com or calling us at 833 KOALA-CO (833-562-5226). 

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