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Owners Ask: Can I List My Floating Weeks? What about Points?

If you own points or a floating week timeshare, can you still list on KOALA? The answer is…yes! Read more to learn how Reserved Time makes timeshare rental seamless and secure, which means more bookings for you.

Jessie Gilmartin - Aug 18, 2020
Owners Travel

Why I Started KOALA: to Put Owners First

I started KOALA to give owners more control over a product that (in some cases) seemed to control them.

Mike Kennedy - Jul 10, 2020
Owners Timeshare News

Timeshare Needs to Rediscover Product-Market Fit

KOALA Cofounder Mike Kennedy on how timeshare lost product-market fit (and what to do about it)

Mike Kennedy - Jun 26, 2020
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