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What are Travelers Searching for on KOALA?

As summer comes to a close, what’s top of mind for today’s travelers? Read more for the latest on how to create a listing vacationers will love.

Jessie Gilmartin - Sep 09, 2020

With spacious accommodations, professional cleaning protocols, and in-suite kitchens, timeshares offer the perfect setup for travelers focused on keeping themselves and the communities they’re visiting healthy.

With the ability to set your own price and cancellation policy (and, for points owners, the ability to choose your resort and dates), you have the flexibility to design a listing that perfectly matches what travelers are booking (just be sure to check out our Reserved Time policy if you’re a points owner).

Here are the key insights towards bookings and destinations:

Last-minute Bookings

Prior to COVID-19, the majority of travelers on KOALA were booking trips months in advance. Longer booking windows have always been common among timeshare travelers, who often needed to book 6-8 months in advance to secure the best reservations. But that rhythm is changing. KOALA travelers are now booking trips (much) closer to their departure date — sometimes only 2-3 days in advance. Drivable destinations are also popular: many of our recent travelers have booked resort listings located in the same region (or, in some cases, the same state).

Shorter Stays

A higher-than-usual number of travelers are booking trips for long weekends (Thursday-Sunday, for example). While this booking pattern may differ from the traditional timeshare booking, being aware of these insights can help you create a finance-friendly listing. 

Picturesque and Panoramic Destinations

As far as destinations are concerned, travelers are opting for sweeping landscapes and captivating natural beauty. If you’re able to select your rental listing’s setting, consider tranquil resorts nestled in nature.

Take the Sedona Springs Resort in Arizona, for example. Just minutes from Red Rock State Park, Sedona’s renowned formations illuminate against open skies. And with in-suite amenities that include whirlpools and fireplaces, guests can spend the day away from crowds amongst geological marvels, then settle into expansive, socially distanced comfort on returning to their loft.

At Club Wyndham’s Smuggler’s Notch Resort in Vermont, nearly 80 ski trails course throughout the surrounding 1,000 acres. Offering abundant hiking in the fall and spring, Smuggler’s Notch is primed for foliage viewing.

The resort also features on-site restaurants and a country store, in addition to fully equipped kitchens within the suites themselves. These amenities, which limit exposure to bustling public spaces, provide guests with an extra level of privacy and cleanliness.

Discerning Travel

In a nutshell, shorter stays in secluded locations with plenty of outdoor opportunities are of utmost value to travelers. As the industry moves towards a healthier and more sustainable future, learn how KOALA is empowering owners and guests to make responsible travel decisions. And if you need any additional assistance, our customer support team is available at 1-833-KOALA-CO to help!

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