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Our Response to COVID-19

While you wait to travel again, we’re here to help.

Sam Clegg - Apr 14, 2020

This has, indeed, been a challenging time. Once-busy skies are quiet. In New York City, where our team is based, streets that once thrummed with life are empty. In this deluge of painful stories and lived experience, we’ve been reflecting on what it means to be a travel company at a time when the simple act of going somewhere new can pose a risk to both travelers and those who welcome them.

At KOALA, we stand ready to support both travelers and hosts in this changed environment. That’s why every COVID-19-related cancellation request receives the dedicated mediation support of a KOALA team member, who will work with both parties to find a solution. Further, for listings uploaded on or before July 1st, we are waiving KOALA’s host fees. With free listings and no commission, you’ll receive 100% of your listing price on successful bookings.

We’re all in this together. We look forward to traveling with you soon.


The KOALA Team

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