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KOALA Stands With Ukraine

Please join us in helping raise funds for World Central Kitchen, which is feeding refugees fleeing Ukraine as well as families trapped inside.

Mike Kennedy - Mar 08, 2022
Photo Credit: World Central Kitchen

KOALA stands with Ukraine and stands against tyranny, oppression, or aggression of any kind. Since Russian forces stormed Ukraine, we’ve seen a global rally in support of the country and its people, and also in strong opposition to Putin’s unhinged assault. The opposition has been swift and fierce, both the military response by Ukraine’s people and the economic response by everyone else. Now, it’s the displacement of the Ukrainian people that we must focus on.

KOALA is a young company, but we want to do what we can in times like these. With that, we turn to you, our community of timeshare owners. As millions of Ukrainian citizens and residents —half of them children! — flee for safety, food and shelter are the most critical items they need. There are already travel platforms with extensive networks in the EU and Ukraine providing shelter, so we are focusing on the former. For those who have a live listing or booking with a pending check-in, you may elect to donate — in participation with KOALA — a portion of your commission to World Central Kitchen, which is serving hot meals to Ukrainian families fleeing for safety as well as those who remain in the country. We are committing to an initial donation of $1,000 and we will match every dollar our owner community pledges and donate it directly to WCK. Simply email us at hello@go-koala.com and let us know how much you’d like to donate and we can adjust your payout accordingly. 100% of the funds you pledge will go directly to World Central Kitchen. 

Everyone else can use the link below to join KOALA’s fundraiser for World Central Kitchen, Donate $10, $20, whatever you can — any amount will help, no matter how small.

This is not a passive donation — World Central Kitchen, led by Chef José Andrés, is on the front lines feeding thousands as I write this! I personally understand the impact and efficacy WCK has, and the speed at which they activate. Aside from cofounding KOALA, I’m a Brooklyn-based restaurateur who saw the industry and its workers devastated at the onset of the pandemic. WCK partnered with our restaurant Olmsted to swiftly transform it into a food bank and help restaurant workers in need all over the city. That’s why KOALA has chosen to help to raise money for WCK while they battle on the front lines, feeding those affected by this senseless tragedy. They’ve already served over 40,000 hot meals and are stationed at eight border crossings right outside Ukraine

We pledge to do what we can to help keep these refugee families fed during this tumultuous time. We hope you join us so we speak as an entire community. 

Thank you.

We are grateful for your support in helping us raise funds for such a worthy cause.


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