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Become a Verified Host in 30 Seconds on KOALA

US residents can now securely verify their KOALA host profiles in under 30 seconds!

Sam Clegg - Aug 04, 2020

It’s now easier than ever to verify your host profile (and start listing!) on KOALA. In partnership with Cognito, KOALA now offers US-based hosts the ability to verify their identities by phone. Simply enter your mobile number and enter the secure code you receive via text message. KOALA takes care of the rest.

Jeff Ruiz, Product Manager, says the update is a key piece of KOALA’s mission to make it easier than ever before to list your timeshare. “Phone verification with industry-leader Cognito was a perfect fit for our US hosts. Streamlined verification means a US user can simply input their phone number to receive a secure code and verify their profile, without sacrificing any of the security and confidence that is bringing timeshare rentals to the mainstream traveler.”

What does this mean for KOALA’s US hosts? Ruiz notes that the change supports you in two key ways. “First and foremost, verified host profiles lead to more bookings. Guests who feel confident that both the host and the listing are fully verified are more likely to book your listing on KOALA than they would be on a less-secure platform. Secondly, KOALA was founded on the idea that listing your timeshare should be hassle-free. Simple and secure phone-only identity verification is a major piece of that promise to our hosts.” 

As always, KOALA will never use your data for any purpose other than verifying your profile and supporting you. If you have any questions about secure verification, or want to know more about how to create a listing, reach out to our team at hello@go-koala.com or give us a call at 833-562-5226.

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